Safety Practices With Your Newborn Photographer

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Newborn photo’s appear to be simple and rather easy to capture, often resulting in parents trying to do them at home. While I can understand the reason why you would rather put the funds towards baby’s college fund, there is a reason you are paying for a well trained photographer to do the job. Baby’s may appear to be dispensed in the air on a shelf, hanging in a cloth from mother storks beak, or even positioned in a froggy pose leaning solely on their palms. However don’t be fooled by these images, a well trained photographer like myself has hopefully taken many in person courses and not just self taught from YouTube. During a session I will always have what is called a spotter right near baby, there will always be someone within arms reach of baby. A  baby is always positioned into any prop with the support of blankets and beanbags to give comfort, support and cushioning. Before taking out my camera to snap the photo I will make sure my assistant or I, are always within arms reach of baby. When you seen photos of babies hanging in a cloth from the storks beak that is what is referred to as a composite. The photographer will capture a photo of either just baby’s face or full body image and than the selected area will be cut out and placed into another photo to give the illusion that the baby is in actually there. When I photograph baby’s on a swing, they are actually laying  on a flat position with their head facing the ceiling. I will go in on top either hovering over them or on a ladder to grab the photo from above. I place a long swaddle under their bum and than bring it up their sides to fit nicely in their arms or hands. I will write more about the froggy pose in another blog post so you can see a behind the scenes of how it is done. I would not advise trying the froggy pose at home, ever! I am well trained in how to do this but even for photographers this is one of the most challenging newborn poses. Newborn photography is certainly a luxury like driving a nice car (insert wink). If you want to attempt taking some photos at home try laying baby on a bed and stick pillows underneath the duvet to make sure baby’s head is always  supported. Layering up a few duvets will ensure noticeable bumps in the fabric from the supporting pillows. This baby pictured is photographed in the huck finn pose. The baby is wrapped in a long wrap and positioned  with her body laying flat with her head turned towards me. She is on a very large beanbag with myself and assistant photographer right near by. There is a large beanbag underneath baby’s head and a smaller one below the baby’s bum to help with support. If you are reluctant to take photo’s at home don’t try it and hire someone you trust capturing your families brand new addition, it looks simple but there is a reason this is someones job, it’s not as easy as it looks.

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