Cake Smash Milestone Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I schedule the birthday milestone photoshoot on my child’s birthday?
Yes, as long as you book early enough and our schedule has your preferred date available. Obviously the quicker you are to book the session the better chance the date will be available. 

My child had never tasted cake before lets say they don’t cooperate?
We got some tricks for your little one to try to get them to eat the cake which seem to work. So far we have never had a child who didn’t even attempt tasting the cake. We will discuss all my little tricks with you on your phone consultation once you are all set up on my calendar if you are concerned this may be an issue but rest assured we got your childs’ best interest in mind.

Can parents be in the pre-cake smash pictures?
Yes, we absolutely love when parents join the pictures and get in on the fun.

Can we take breaks during the cake smash session?
We absolutely take breaks during the session if we feel the baby needs it. Sometimes the babies are over stimulated by the lights, the cake which can be quite sensory and in general a new place and new faces. If we feel it is best for baby to have some cuddle time or a snack we stop and take what I like to call some “mommy time” or cuddling time.

What should I bring to the cake smash milestone session, I like to come prepared?
We like that you want to come prepared and have everything you should need. We usually go over this during your consultation however you will need to bring your baby’s diaper bag, change of clothes, diapers/wipes and a bottle or snack in case baby gets hungry.

Anything we should know prior to the cake smash photoshoot?
Please do not have your child eat baby carrots for breakfast the day of their photoshoot, the camera is so sensitive and will pick up the orange on your toddlers skin even if their face appears to be clean to the human eye. A nice bath the night before the session would be a great idea so everyone is all fresh and clean for the photoshoot. Of course a well napped child is most important so sufficient sleep the night before no partying around. We will schedule your session in between day time naps so that baby is nice and awake but not too tired for their photoshoot.

Where is your studio located and is there parking?
My photography studio is located in the Pikesville area of Baltimore, MD, just about a 4 minutes drive off the 695.

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