Newborn Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to book a newborn photography session?
It is never too early to get on our newborn photo shoot schedule. Most clients book with us in their second or third trimester. We only accept a limited amount of newborn sessions each month to allow for wiggle room we need in our calendar to accommodate each baby’s arrival. If your little one has already arrived don’t worry you’re not too late! Please contact me as soon as possible and we will try to schedule you in.

How old should baby be for the session?
The best time for a newborn session is within the first 5-15 days of life. After about two weeks, babies are a little harder to settle as they are no longer as sleepy and are slowly climbing out of that “curly” stage. Don’t get discouraged if this time frame has passed we can still get great images it may just take a bit more patience. But you’ll need to hurry and call us right away!

How long are newborn photo shoots?
Newborn photo shoots can last about 2-4 hours. We like to leave plenty of time to take breaks to feed, burp, cuddle and get baby to fall asleep. A hungry baby or unsettled baby is not going to cooperate well for a photo shoot so we don’t want anyone feeling rushed. This will also depend on what kind of package you are purchasing.

Do I need to buy any special outfits for the baby?
The studio has a selection of wraps, outfits, headbands, bonnets, props etc in my studio and you are welcome to use it all. If you have something specific that is sentimental we can try to incorporate that into the session.

Do I get to choose the the props and colors?
You absolutely get to select the props and colors that we will use in the photoshoot. After all, we want the session to fit your style best so we customize the session to your liking.

Do you include siblings and parents in the sessions?
Yes, I absolutely encourage you to participate in the photoshoot with your precious newborn. We try our best to capture great sibling shots however it will depend on the siblings’ cooperation, especially when dealing with toddler siblings however I do have some magic tricks that usually work to get everyones cooperation.

What do we wear to the session?
In general you want to wear solid colors, nothing very busy but we discuss this all in our one on one consultation at length and help you choose something you are comfortable with.

Do you travel for sessions?
In general we hold most newborn sessions in the studio. However, most of the equipment can be transported and for special circumstances we can offer this. Please call me at 410-262-7773 to discuss this.

Are all the poses safe for the baby?
Safety is our number one priority. All poses done are safe and we will not compromise safety for anything.

Ready to make magic happen?

Ready to make magic happen?