Sitter Frequently Asked Questions

How old should baby be for the session?
Six to nine months is the best time for this session, but the exact time will depend on the development of each child. We like to get the babies in for this session just after they have reached their sitting milestone, hence the name. We want them to be sitting very comfortably on their own.

Can we still do the sitter session if my baby already crawls?
Yes! Of course we can do this session for babies who have already learned to crawl, it will just take some extra time and patience for those perfect poses.

What do I need to bring along to the session?
Aside for your diaper bag, bring along some non-sticky or messy snacks like cheerios or puffs and a bottle or pacifier for some snuggle time.

What should baby wear for the session?
We have plenty of outfits, tutus, headbands, buckets, hats and props in our studio for you to choose from. We will discuss this all in our one on one consultation.

Anything I shouldn’t do before the session?
Yes, avoid baby carrots! Your skin picks up the orange color, and the camera is so sensitive that the camera will then go and pick up that orange. Don’t worry, though, of course there’s Photoshop if you forget.

What if my baby is afraid of strangers?
We have had many babies who are afraid of strangers, and somehow they have beautiful photos sitting in their homes. I have lots of tips and tricks to get baby to warm up, and usually they work pretty well.

Ready to make magic happen?

Ready to make magic happen?