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“They earned their titles as competing athletes”

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As you all know my specialty is baby photography, so when the call came in to photograph an event for Beth T’filoh it was certainly a strange request. Having taught at this school about 13 years prior as my very first job in Baltimore, I had a hard time turning down this photoshoot.

Five graduating senior students at Beth T’filoh Dahan Community School were now moving on to college. They earned their titles as competing athletes and were now accepting their positions to continue to compete in their sports, at the collegiate level. These students can tell you first hand the challenges of being a full time student and athlete. Unanimously they can agree that their Beth Tfiloh experience has taught them a great many things and has shaped the future of their success. They have learned to embrace the challenge that is involved in balancing both the rigorous academic curriculum of the Beth Tfiloh education with the time and work that goes into staying at the top of your athletic game. And it is this challenge that has prepared them to be successful, not only in college but in all that lies ahead.

I can not have been more honored for the chance to photograph, Sining Day Ceremony for these students and their loving and supportive families. They were featured in the JMORE Baltimore Jewish LivingFish Bowl as well The Baltimore Sun. I wish them continued success in both their sports and eduction careers and maybe just one day I’ll be shooting pictures of their babies 😉

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