Infant Photography

“I know it’s going to be double the fun!”

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Photographing babies is seriously where my passion is. I really just loving capturing these teeny tiny toes and these ever so fleeting memories however twins is just another level of excitement. I myself am a twin mom so when I get a call to book a twins photoshoot I know it’s going to be double the fun! When a client calls I try to gather as much information as possible so that I can be as well prepared for the shoot and have it run as smoothly as possible. However I also try to prepare parents before the shoots so they know what to expect but with twins you can pretty much expect anything. Sometimes we will have 1 baby that’s quite sleepy and the other 1 is wide awake, sometimes both babies are wide awake and of course best case scenario we got 2 sleeping beauties. I give parents a ted talk and tell them what to do to hopefully ensure babies are as sleepy as possible throughout the shoot. One very important thing to do is have babies take a bath the morning of the photoshoot. The activity in the bath really tires them out but the warmth really seems to knock them out. All this can be done of course only if their umbilical cord has fallen off. Often I get inquiries from moms who babies may have spent some time in the NICU and they want to know is there baby too old for a photoshoot and the big fat answer to that is no. I will go into this conversation at length in a different blog post but I have had a baby spend nearly 4 months in the NICU and when he finally graduated he came for a photoshoot which was so nice and the parents treasure those photos, oh so much!

If you’re looking to book a photoshoot feel free to reach out on the link below so we can discuss and prepare you to capture your love bugs memories for a lifetime. 

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