Beauty Tips From Your Newborn Photographer

“I spent nearly two weeks just editing those nails”

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So, I probably got you thinking what beauty tips does the local Baltimore Newborn Photographer have for me that I wouldn’t know already? But today I’m not going to talk to you about your face makeup or that you should be moisturizing your belly everyday especially before your maternity photoshoot. What I will be talking to you is about your nails. Yes, your nails will be noticed when you’re being photographed. As tiny as they are in comparison to everything else they will and do get noticed and a photographers camera picks up all the little details. As a photographer I like to pay attention to every small detail but one detail I was overlooking was your nails until I had a problem with it. Thankfully this was in the very beginning of my career so I was able to fix the problem and ensure I didn’t bump into this issue again. I had a mom come in with her baby for her baby’s first photoshoot. Alright sound good to me, the shoot went well, baby behaved, we chatted, laughed and everyone had a great experience. The problem came when I got to the computer to start editing the images. It was than that I noticed mom had on herself, navy blue nail polish that caused me a bit of a nightmare to say the least. Some nails were polished, some the polish was completely off and some were just chipping but in a very bad way.

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I could have very easily just delivered the images as they were but that polish was really bugging me. I was imagining these large prints on her wall and all you would see are these nails that were chipping to no end they were such an eyesore. I spent nearly 2 weeks just editing those nails, I had to repaint over the nails a color that would match but not just any shade would work, I couldn’t go with a sheer shade of polish because the original nail color was a dark shade of blue and if you know anything about Photoshop that just wont work, I would have to go with an opaque color. After much trial and error it seemed an opaque white would be my best bet. I successfully changed and painted those nails and mom didn’t even notice I had changed anything until I mentioned it of course. The outcome of the images is fabulous but it just wouldn’t sit at ease with me to deliver the images as they were, it had to be changed no matter how long it would take me. So after I learnt my lesson the hard way when I go over the clothing consultation, which is complimentary, I now started giving my nail color suggestions. Having your nails polished for the photoshoot is not a must especially if you never have them polished unless you want to treat yourself of course as it does add a nice touch. However if you are going to have them polished either professionally or at home I would suggest to stay away from dark colors, think those dark winter colors. A classic French manicure will always be in style no matter what colors your family is wearing. If you’re just not a french kinda gal and prefer one color, nudes, white or soft pinks always work and opaque or French would just be your preference. So after reading this I think we can both agree your Newborn Photographer may just have some good beauty tips for you after all 😉

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