Through The Box

“the next thing I know it, my knee went right through the box!”

baltimore photographer

So heres a funny story that happened to me last week. I had a newborn photoshoot for a sweet adorable little girl. Her mom asked if baby’s grandpa who was visiting from the mid-west can hop along for the photoshoot. What can be more endearing than watching his only grandchild having her very first photos being taken. So he sat on the sofa with dad and watched, while mom had her makeup done and I worked some magic with my camera and baby. I finished up baby’s photos and next came the family photos. Mom and Dad took their pictures and now it was time for grandpa for his very own pictures with his sweet adorable granddaughter. I wanted Grandpa to lean in over his daughter so they can all be close and form a connection because when everyone is touching in your photos it creates unity. I grabbed a wood basket with a flat bottom for grandpa to lean his knee on and set it on the floor just where I wanted it. I set one of my knee’s down on the basket to show grandpa exactly how I wanted him posed and the next thing I know it my knee went right through the box! Thankfully my camera was not in my hands and properly strapped around my neck with my Nikon camera headstrap. We all had a good laugh and boy was I thankful that happened to me and not grandpa!

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Ready to make magic happen?

Ready to make magic happen?