It's A Girl

‘she was setting the opposite trend for her family…”

posing mothers and baby

While Esther comes from a family of primarily girls and the last hoorah was finally a boy, she was setting the opposite trend for her family, slowly gathering together a football team to call her own, 3 boys! In April of 2019 the doctors relayed to Esther the exciting news of her baby’s gender, a girl! And a few months later she got to meet the baby of her dreams, Princess E. She called me as soon as she gave birth and we were finally able to set a date for this long awaited newborn photoshoot. I always pencil in expected due dates into my calendar and then as soon as baby makes their debut we finalize a date together. E arrived a little later than we all expected but since I always leave wiggle room for due dates we fit her right into the calendar.

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Ready to make magic happen?

Ready to make magic happen?