Baby David Makes 4

“she wanted this exact pose…”

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Baby David came to my studio when he was 18 days old for his newborn photoshoot. While I prefer to book them between the 5 and 14 day window, I certainly can photograph them beyond that time frame. When babies are smaller they still likely to stay in that tight curly position like they were in utero which makes it easier for wrapped poses. As well, when you catch them in those very early stages they are still very nice and sleepy and hopefully can sleep thru the entire photoshoot. David was on and off sleepy for his session but I love how he is wide awake and staring right at the camera, grabbing onto this teeny tiny toes in this image. David comes in as the fourth boy in his family and his mom had his other siblings photographed in navy blue wraps for their newborn photos. She wanted this exact pose so that she can enlarge and it put it on the wall just beside his brothers matching newborn photos.

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Ready to make magic happen?

Ready to make magic happen?