Baby Acne Be Gone

“couldn’t it have waited until after the photoshoot?!”

baby photographer baltimore

When Rebecca booked her baby’s first newborn photoshoot she was ecstatic, just like every mom expecting their newborns arrival! We had her phone and clothing consultation, we spoke, we laughed, we planned it all out and it was going to be everything she envisioned for her soon to be born child. But than baby came and with that came some sleepless nights and every mothers nightmare, 2 day’s before the scheduled shoot, baby started to develop acne. Just what we all dread, baby acne especially before a photoshoot, couldn’t it have waited until after the photoshoot?! Rebecca called me frantically she wanted to reschedule the shoot, I calmed her down and explained to her that many babies get it and no matter how bad it gets I can assure her, the pictures will be perfect. Relieved but still slightly skeptical she said she would trust me on this one. Well this pictures speaks for itself, no need to delay the photoshoot, the images are picture perfect and no one would have guessed that this baby had a bad case of baby acne.

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Ready to make magic happen?