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“quite the opposite and not make the same mistake…”

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Way back when I decided to delve further into photography specifically to open my Baltimore newborn photography studio I spoke with a number of photographer friends. I didn’t want to just buy any camera, the best deal out there, the most popular one. I wanted to buy something that would really fit my specific needs for photographing newborn babies, sitters, and young children with their families. I certainly wouldn’t need a camera with a wide angle lens with a short focal length which is great for landscape or architecture photography. Telphoto lens with long focal lengths is not quite what I needed it either but there are so many different lenses to use. I spoke with a particular friend who was also a newborn photographer who really was pushing me to get the Nikon D750 with a 50 mm lens. She gave me a piece of advice and I really adhered to it. She said when she started photography she listened to what everyone told her to do and she advised me to do quite the opposite and not make the same mistake. Everyone told her start off cheap, buy a crop sensor lens and after she saved up some money and got better at photography she should invest in a more expensive lens and body. She said she was happy with her photos but not quite thrilled. After some time she saved up money and was ready to take the plunge, she would no longer be using her crop sensor lens… A brand new camera body and lens and oh what a difference it made! From that day on, her photography changed for the better, she said her images were all that much better, she was so much happier with the results in every which way. She said I shouldn’t be fooled by what people tell me to start off cheap and than get a more expensive photography gear later, I should get great equipment from the beginning. Well I certainly followed her piece of advice, I called B & H Photo and told them I wanted to place an order for a Nikon D750 I can call my own. I have to say looking back I am always blown away by the results and can agree that was probably one of the best pieces of advice someone has given me.

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Ready to make magic happen?

Ready to make magic happen?